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img 25/06/2015
img THIS PAGE FOR THOSE WHO USE OUR EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY. THIS IS ONLY PARTNERS SUPPORT PAGE. FOR DOWNLOAD USE LINK OR FTP SERVER S8. http://webftp.freehost.com.ua/ USE FTP SERVER FOR OLD AND NEW SERVICE MANUALS AND UTILITY !! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS 15.07.2014 New hard drive tools for plate remover/alignment added for order. Update tool for change bearing for WD and Samsung hard drives. 11.05.2014 First new groups tools for support and help to restore data from BUSY SSD Sanfdforce and Toshiba- Sandforce. Thanks guys from Russia and US California ! SANDFORCE SSD REANIMATOR V1.1 BETA support 1222 chip (bug fixing) new manual how to do. for extra docs please download manuals from TOSHIBA Sansforce WEB page . 01.08.2013 Pinouts for monichips and monolithic for standard and regular flash download from here. See here -http://www.pc3000flash.com/solbase/monochips.php New pinouts for irregular monolithic flash drives. All new data base monolith pinouts pad soldering irregular - 92. Please download from FTP Manufacture utility for Toshiba 3.5 and 2.5 hard drive. 12.01.2013 New Version ONE CLICK RECOVERY ! NOW SSD EDITION. Support SSD INTEL, OCZ, ADATA, CORSAIR, CRUCIAL, MUSHLIN, KINGSTON, SAMSUNG, SANDISK, PATRIOT. Support controller mode SATA interface and chip building. New solution for INTEL cryptic controller algorithm. 8.12.2012 New tool for recovery and repair USB flash on controler INNOSTOR USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 (download dump from flash and datasheet for controller) INDILINX Mptool , firmware update. INTEL toolbox, intel firmware updater, intel bug and firmware fixer, restore original capacity, Intel datasheet and XOR key and describe decryption for INTEL controller. Added new algorhytm for decryption data from AES / DES 128/192/256 encryption. New nand flash pinouts. New monolith pinouts. New USB 3.0 reader for nand flash. New adapters for "random pins" monolith. Programmable adapters for monolith with random pin ! 24.03.2012 New updated version extraction key utility for damage encrypted USB enclosure. for symwave and Inic 1607E. New version for crack password for any AES 128/256 encryption data image hard drive. Download from ftp. uslugi found password for 10 -12 days maximum !! 22.03.2012 Start sale tool for data recovery from scratched plate equipment and stripper plate package and the package plate dowel into the body of the donor. The kit includes a manipulator, a piezo tip, retarding movement, the feedback system with the engine in the new utility is enabled firmware update to prevent the recalibration and instant start and capture the servo track. For order write to e-mail (for registered mail) Added new utility "One click flash recovery "and "One click RAID recovery" New pinouts for monolith and new utility for monolith recovery. Added datasheet for TOSHIBA monolith and pinouts Check our FTP 1.01.2012 Added methods for unlocking laptop without removing and re-flashing or update firmware. With the help of service manuals, programs and keys you can generate a master password for laptop ASUS, ACER, DELL, TOSHIBA, HP, LENOVO, MSI, GATEWAY (ACER), E-machines (ACER). Download master password and manuals for bios for remove password laptop from our ftp server. 15.11.2011 DATASHEET AND AES DECRIPTION METHODS FOR USB 3.0 BRIDGE JMICRON JMS538 , JMS539. HOW TO USE PC 3000 AND DRIVER UTIL WITH DOUBLE TASK FOR DECRYPTION DATA 14.11.2011 DATARECOVERY FROM CRYPTED HARD DRIVE. HOW USE PC 3000 FOR READ AND DECRYPTION DATA . DECRIPTION PC 3000 DOUBLE TASK METHODS, USE WINHEX FOR DECRYPTION DATA, USE PC 3000 SCRIPT SYSTEM FOR DECRYPTING DATA FROM INITIO 1607 CHIPS. DRIVER FOR DECRYPTION HARD DRIVE WITH RECOVERY SOFTWARE. download from FTP 12.11.2011 NEW DATASHEET FOR MARWELL CHIPS. SELFSCAN FOR REPAIR NEW TOSHIBA HARD DRIVE. USE OUR FTP 30.08.20011 New datasheets and technical documentation on new USB 3 CHIPS SYMWAWE , INITIO AND OTHER ! description of the encryption process and how to recover and decryption data in case of hard drive failure with these enclosure devices. How use PC3000 for extract data from this enclosure case. 5.07.20011 How recovery data from MICRO SD Typical connection for chip Sandisk, transcend, adata, and more more. How to connect and read data to any support programmator or PC3000FLASH, or SOFTCENTER TOOL SEE DOCs ON FTP FOLDER FLASH RECOVERY 11.05.20011 Updated utility to work with hard drives FUJITSU, added new models of family MHU MHV MHW MHZ (CPU MARWELL 88i6737) can download service manuals from our FTP. 01.03.20011 In an update utility to work with hard drives, added new models of HITACHI family HDS7220xxxxx , CLA GLA, SLA, ALA, BLA,A7A FAMILIES. Working with USB hard drives as WD WD10TMVV with crypt system and without, documentation on the new processors 88I9045-TFJI pinout and connect via JTAG, Utility ROM reading and decoding of data-through. Registered users can download the new utility from our FTP server. Service manuals for SAMSUNG CPU 88I6726S 88I6725S. 1.01.20011 NEW SERVICE FOR MEMBERS !! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UTILITIES AND SERVICE MANUALS WESTERN DIGITALL USE FTP SERVER SEAGATE, MAXTOR USE FTP SERVER SAMSUNG USE FTP SERVER BURN SCRIPTS FOR NEW MODELS F1 , F2 , F3 And 2,5 " TOSHIBA, FUJITSU - USE FTP SERVER OR (LAPTOP AND HDD MANUALS AND UTILITY FOR ALL ) - (PRESS FOR LOGIN) OTHER 1 Sometimes hard drives Seagate EC2 or 7200.12 - can not connect to the terminal because it's blocked. And unlock the conventional methods was not obtained. You can use the connection to the processor and the method described here and get additional features not available in the PC3000 and HRT. DATASHEETS ON SERVER. 2 In recent years, often bringing in hard drive WD WD10TMVV for data recovery using the SATA bridge controller chip INIC-1607E . About how to connect the hard drive and how to decrypt the data without this chip is written below. And how to use the composite decryption while copying the data without using the chip. The hard disk has a normal SATA interface processor 88I9045 And bridge INIC-1607E . In order to work with him directly, and the process hangs and use the additional features make the connection SATA directly to the interface as shown in the figure. CPU COUNT PIN 128. Connect pin from cpu to sata interface It should be noted that it is necessary to make the wires as short as possible and unsolder capacity that connect the processor ( C13, C18, C31, C33 ) to the bridge in 1607E !!! CPU PIN SATA PIN DESCRIPTION INTERFACE DESCRIPTION DATA STREAM 103 6 RECEIVE DATA B+ 104 5 RECEIVE DATA B- 106 3 TRANSMIT DATA A- 107 2 TRANSMIT DATA A+ Connecting the power hard drive connect a +5 V and 0. After it connects to a computer and copy the data. Use our tools or PC3000 OR HRT. Further information for our partners: For the background to decrypt download our software and instructions for decoding the image or the use of decryption on the fly. It is necessary to not read all the way data and view information in the process of copying .. MANUAL FOR JTAG CONNECTION AND SATA CONNECTION - DATASHEETS ON SERVER DECRIPTION + UTIL AND HOW USED IN CASE WITH PC3000 - DATASHEETS ON SERVER Reed this - http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/STM/cavp/documents/aes/aesval.html MANUAL FOR BRIDGES SEE BELOW IN TABLE PATA Bridge ControllerPACk INIC-14xx ,15xx ,24xx DATASHEETS ON SERVER USB-SATA Bridge Controller INIC-1607E DATASHEETS ON SERVER USB-SATA Bridge Controller PACK INIC 1605,06,07,08 ,09,18 DATASHEETS ON SERVER Combo-SATA Bridge Controller PACK INIC-1610 INIC-1611 INIC-1615 DATASHEETS ON SERVER W25X10A_W25X20A_W25X40A_W25X80A ROM FOR INIC-1607E DOWNLOAD DATASHEET Our partners who want to order new tools and data recovery equipment faster and сheaper in Canada and USA please contact to our web site www.griol.ca We have in north America best certified expirienced data recovery service partner in Canada provinces. Please use http://datarecoveryexpert.ca